413 Dumpsterâ„¢ Raising Awareness About Ukraine and Donating Portion of Proceeds from Dumpster Rentals

Donate Directly and Help Those In Need

Donate: Ukraine Crisis Fund

413 Dumpsterâ„¢ is proudly owned by Polish immigrants, with direct Ukrainian ancestral heritage. The devastating news and horrific series of events in Ukraine resonate with us more than words can explain. Therefore, effective immediately, a portion of proceeds from dumpster rentals will be donated to the UKRAINE CRISIS FUND of CARE.org.

Our goal is to spread awareness of the relief required in Ukraine, to Ukrainian families, and to countries assisting the fleeing refugees here in Western MA. We have painted a dumpster to match the Ukrainian flag and have added it to our fleet. Through spreading awareness and Ukrainian Pride with this dumpster, and our efforts to raise funds for Ukraine, we hope to do our part to help our European neighbors and friends.

To contribute to the Ukraine Crisis Relief without renting a dumpster, please donate directly using the link above. Please note that 100% of any donations received to 413 Dumpster will be donated to the Ukraine Relief Fund of CARE.org.

See 413 Dumpster's "Ukrainian Dumpster" in the Local News

For any questions regarding donations, 413 Dumpster's efforts to contribute, or renting the Ukrainian dumpster, please call us at (413) 264-3867, or email us at [email protected].
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